The leaves are down, now is the time to get your guttering cleared whether it be on your own home or a property you rent out before it’s too late! we clean, repair and replace all types of guttering. Having clear gutters is a vital annual task in order to avoid damp and the ingress of water.


Damp can lead to costly cosmetic repairs, if left unresolved very costly structural repairs, and poor health and illness in you and your family.

Why choose SGS?

Safe, hassle free, trusted, local, reliable!


– safety

falls from height whilst carrying out diy lead to 144 deaths and 1200 major injuries and countless minor injury’s in 2017, Why risk it, our safety trained professional team can safely do the job for you, keeping you safe and your gutters clear.

– Hassle free

clearing your own gutters, is unpleasant as well as dangerous and time consuming. We can do it all for you whilst you spend your time doing something you enjoy, like spending time with family or watching the football.

– Trusted local reliable team

We guarantee your gutters will be clear and leak free for a whole year, we can advise you of the appropriate guards and brushes where necessary. And if you sign up to our annual service you get a 10% discount! We just call or txt at the same time each year to arrange an appointment you don’t have to anything, except sign  up, and pay the annual fee!

Thank you for reading and we hope to hear from you soon!



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kindest regards


The SGS Team

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