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Gutter Cleaning Services 20% Discount for NHS Staff and Furloughed Customers

Have you noticed your guttering looking blocked? Want to book in for gutter cleaning?


During these uncertain times the last thing you want is the stress of leaking or blocked gutters, causing unwanted damage to your home or business. So we’d like to help out and take some of your stresses away by offering discounted gutter cleaning and repairs.

Today at Sheffield Gutter Services we will be clapping for the NHS👏, and to say thank you we will be offering discounts to all NHS staff.

In addition, we are also offering 20% discounts to any customers that has been furloughed. We hope this helps ease the burden of those earning less. During this time we don’t want you stressing over leaking and blocked gutters, or any associated problems related to this.

We would also like to confirm all the work carried out is contact-free for those worried during the current climate. Times are strange but by coming together we will get through this. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Stay Safe.


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20% discount for furloughed customers

Times are hard, but homes still need maintaining even though you might be earning less than usual! So to help ease the burden We are offering 20% discounts to any customer that has been furloughed, we will still carry out emergency work on call but other than that we are taking on bookings from the 20th of April, hope to hear from you soon!

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We are preparing to go back to work on the 21st of April after a few weeks of isolation. Although we will be implementing a strict  health and safety and hygiene process to ensure there is no hazards to our customers or staff. If you have any guttering work you like us to carry out please visit our website to book an appointment


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