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Did you guess what was in our picture?

Following our post to social media, we’ve had many enquires as to what the picture is. To answer your question, they were bespoke cast iron brackets. These we fabricated for use on timber gutters to replace the original ones at customer’s period property.

I think you’ll agree, the finished job looked brilliant. Take a look for yourself

Traditional Timber Guttering Installation

Timber gutter installations can add a touch of character and detailing that many properties have unfortunately lost over the years. Although, many opt for plastic alternatives this can go against the feel and heritage of period properties.

Our timber gutters have a unique mix of traditional detailing and modern construction to give you that period character look but with longevity you would expect from plastic alternatives.

We always use the best products when replacing wooden guttering. That’s why we have opted for pressure, and chemically treated tanalised timber. This provides a 15 year protection against rot and degradation. On top of this all joints, stop-ends and outlets are double sealed then reinforced with fibreglass or specialist flexible sealant to prevent the ingress of water, giving a further layer of protection.

This allows for a beautiful finish as seen on our next image.

Timber gutter


Timber Guttering Repairs

You may have noticed a water leakage whenever it rains. This is because as timber gutters age, water can gather and eventually penetrate through the old seal or jointing compound. These issues can be hard to spot if the escaping water isn’t tracking directly to the exterior of the gutter, but instead tracking into the property. However, they can be identified by damp patches on the brick work around the gutter level or even internally by bubbling or mouldy plaster work. Addressing these problems early before they get any worse is always the best solution.

Here at Sheffield Gutter Services we are always happy to help. Whether its guttering repairs, leaky joints or a brand new installation you are after, we do it all.

If your having problems with guttering don’t let them get worse. Give us a call or send us a message

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The Week Following VE Weekend 😊

We Hope you enjoyed VE Weekend ! 

Last week the country celebrated Victory in Europe day. A day that has a special meaning to us all.  This troublesome little virus has certainly caused a big shake. With all the uncertainty flying about on the TV, News and social media it was nice to see families sat outside, enjoying the sunshine, music and celebrations. Even in these crazy times people took the time and effort to recognise what we can all achieve when we work together as a nation. All whilst maintaining social distancing of course.

As restrictions lower and the country looks at getting up and running, here at Sheffield Gutter Services we understand the importance everyone has to play to over come this unexpected threat to our nations way of life. We maintain the highest caution, ensuring contactless gutter cleans and payment options for all our customers

Additionally, we would like to emphasise that we try to fit around your schedule and work within your best needs. Here we have Gareth working hard during VE weekend, ensuring he never leaves a job till he and the customer are happy.

Other than gutter cleans, we provide numerous other services. These include moss removal, conservatory cleans & driveway patio cleans using our pressure washer. Here’s a sneak peak via our instagram.

Moreover, on this particular job, we carried out a sand and seal perfect for block pavings. This helps to prevent staining in the future and weeds from growing. However if you wish to find out more information regarding pressure washing please follow the below link.

Patio & driveway pressure washing

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